Each plant can be completed by a number of accessories designed to meet the technical and safety


  • Closures

    For the correct operation of the platform montauto access to the compartment must be protected. The solutions are numerous and vary according to the needs of the customer and the characteristics of the compartment. This section lists some examples of realizations of closures compartment

  • Security

    Depending on the characteristics of the place of installation, each plant can / should be equipped with safety systems of a material or intangible, that make its use safe for the operator. In this section there is a non-exhaustive list of the various systems applicable

  • Flooring

    Depending on the installation location of the platform car lift, operating conditions and the aesthetic impact, you can finish the floor of the platform in many ways

  • Isolation

    The compartment de can be segregated in a variety of ways depending on the constructional and dimensional esegenze indicated by the client.