• Scissor Platforms

    The platform scissor car lift is the easiest way to overcome the difference between the street level and basement floors for parking. E 'was built according to the needs of the customer. E 'of easy installation as the mechanism is placed in the pit, all assembled.

    Depending on requirements, the platform can be correlated with some accessories such as railings on board, gates, roof, cab etc. ..

    The scissor platforms are built with the principle of equal resistance and joints made of high quality are ideal for lifting large and small loads. The systems are manufactured in accordance with the regulations relating to safety. In addition to a range of standard products, we can create platforms for any specific need, always in compliance with all applicable regulations and safety.

  • Car's Lifts

    In cases where it is not possible to make a pit for the housing of the platform or the height differences to be overcome are high, the solution for the vertical handling of vehicles is the elevator car.

    This system is operated by two or more agents directly on the cab side pistons driving sideways.

  • Rotating Platform

    The turntable solves the problem of space to maneuver in parking areas, as the car rotates on itself and places nalla exact direction of maneuver

  • Translating Platform

    The platform is a solution translating them to the parking lot where there are very tight box or handling difficulties.

    By positioning the vehicle on the platform, the same can travel in either horizontally or transversely to the positional car in a predetermined position.

  • Special Applications

    When there are more complex applications such as parking mechanized, or you have special needs for parking and little room to maneuver, such as lift a car and turn it in a precise position, rather than lift a car and then translate it to the floor , ATMEC proposes some applications the result of experience and research, and acts as a partner always available to study new solutions according to specific requirements.